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Hi, thanks for dealing with Galangal Press.

If you experienced any problems ordering our book, please tell us (below) so we can fix whatever is messing things up for you and maybe others.

With kind regards,

Dorothy and Kees

Galangal Press Ltd

2 thoughts on “Order cancelled

  1. I’ve been daydreaming about food from Luang Namtha since I did my grad research there in 2006. Stuffed bamboo, larb, Khao Soi… even sour bamboo! I was so so excited to see this cookbook. It looks stunning. But Amazon says it can’t ship this book to Canada! Any other options?


    1. Hi, Meaghan,
      We can send you the book from Thailand by SAL (sea/air land). You can place your order via this website (click on the Buy our book tab under the header) and use the PayPal secure payment gateway. You don’t have to have a PayPal account to do this. Simply click on the PayPal form on the left hand side where the credit card details are requested. It will ask for you to create a password and it looks as though you are joining PayPal. But you are not applying for a PayPal account when you do this – its a security measure so you can log back in to check on progress. We are in Laos at present, returning to Thailand on 28th Feb. As postal service in Laos is very slow, if you want the book before then, please use our Thai agent White Lotus Press http://www.whitelotusbooks.com. The book costs 950 baht plus postage. Best regards, Dorothy


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